European GNOME Events Box

See also GNOME Events Box Schedule or North American GNOME Events Box

We have a big box that we can send to events which has most of the things we need, so we don't have to coordinate stuff from various sources, or risk not having essential items.

The box arrives at the venue or the address of a volunteer. At the end of the event, we pack everything back into the box and send it either to a central location or to the next event. This isn't intended to travel through airports.

We do not have locks on the box because the shipping companies keep removing them. The contents in each box is worth approximately 2100 Euros (if you need to know when arranging deliveries). Please look after them carefully.

The box is 80.5 × 55.5 x 29.5 cm. It weighs approximately 27 kg including contents. You will pack it neatly.


  • 1× Dell XPS15 2-in-1 (spring 2018 model)
  • 1 long ethernet cable
  • 1× power strip (European)
  • Small lockable cash box (w/ float up to €30)
  • Large lockable cash box w/ stickers (GNOME, distros, internships, hardware suppliers)
  • Stationery
    • Plastic box: ball point pens, marker pens, permanent markers
    • Black folder: A4 paper, leaflets, etc.
    • Assorted: ducktape, small roll of plain paper
  • One table cloth (300×150 cm, "apple green" with "GNOME" in white across the front)
  • Possibly stock for sale:
    • Tote bags (sell for €10)
    • T-shirts (sell for €15, except old GUADEC t-shirts which are "pay what you want")
    • Hoodies (sell for €40)
  • GUADEC 2019 t-shirt for staff to wear
  • Badges and/or badge machine (depending on event)

A roll of posters is available separately, because they are too big for the box:

  • 1 large black and white plastic/acrylic GNOME Foot poster.
  • 2 large HP GNOME posters.

There is also a roll-up-display available (200cm x 85cm) which is too big for either of the boxes. It is currently in the vicinity of the V2 box.

Base Address

The box is currently stored by Felipe Borges in the Czech Republic.

Between events, if it can't be sent directly to the next event, the boxes comes back to felipeborges AT SPAMFREE gnome DOT org.

How to care for the tablecloths

The tablecloths (one green with the events box, one blue with the GUADEC box) are from Marsh Mill. The tablecloths are printed using high temperature transfer bond onto the cloth.

  • Wash at 30°C, and never more than 40°C
  • Use only mild detergents, do NOT use "Non-Bio" (enzyme-free) detergents
  • Use a domestic washing machine on a delicate cycle
  • Hang or lay out flat to dry
  • Iron on the reverse side ONLY (so put it print down on the ironing board)
  • Wash only with similar colours (ideally on its own)


  • NO tumble drying
  • NO calendar press
  • DON'T use hot water


Needed for the box

  • New banners
  • "Staff" t-shirts?


Currently not in any box:

  • Spare padding for boxes

Possible new contents

  • See the Engagement page for links to posters, t-shirts, flyers and sticker designs.

  • The FOSDEM pages contain useful information about stocking the boxes, as well as ideas for how to run an effective GNOME stand.

  • Walkie-Talkies? Cost: ?
  • Optional/Changing:
    • GNOME T-shirts
    • GNOME bags
    • GNOME badges
  • Administration stuff:
    • 1 receipt book, for sales, donations, etc.
    • GNOME UPS/FedEx/DHL account details, for on-site pickup and delivery of the box (not UPS/Fedex if the box is traveling to awkward countries.).
    • Insurance details - Specifically, what to do if something is lost/stolen.


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