We have big boxes that we can send to events. They have has most of the things we need, so we don't have to coordinate stuff from various sources, or risk not having essential items.

The box arrives at the venue or the address of a volunteer. At the end of the event, we pack everything back into the box and send it either to a central location or to the next event.

The boxes are all Pelican Products cases because other types of boxes were regularly destroyed in transit. The Pelican cases have not had to be replaced yet.

Booking the boxes

Check who will have the boxes when your event is happening and contact them. You can find this in the European and North American schedules.

Contact the board with any budget requests for transporting the box: you only need approval from one board member, not from the whole board.

Restocking the boxes

  1. Come up with a budget for items that need to be restocked.
  2. Email the bugdet to the board.

  3. The board approves/questions/rejects the budget. The vote will usually happen at the next board meeting. Board meetings happen approximately every two weeks. If you need to determine when the next meeting is, please check the foundation list archives to see if the meeting date has been posted. If it is urgent, ask for a vote by email.

  4. If the budget is approved, make the purchases.
  5. Send the receipts and your reimbursement details to the board by email.
  6. You should be reimbursed within two weeks.

South American box

Apparently not a good idea, see foundation list for more details.

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