This is the development page for the GNOME 3 web-site.

We are currently working on a revamp of the site which will include additional content and a possible design elaboration. Several possibilities have been discussed for this:

  • Refinement of the home page text [IN PROGESS - AllanDay]

  • Addition of video content [DONE - AndreasNilsson]

  • Follow us buttons for Twitter and Identica
  • A Facebook 'Like' button
  • One of Andreas's snazzy page footers, like the one on the t-shirt contest site

  • A launch party page (potentially with photos and a map) [IN PROGRESS - FredericMuller]

  • A developer platform page [IN PROGRESS - AllanDay]

  • Updates to the Try It page, hopefully with a link to the preview build [DONE - AndreasNilson and AllanDay]

  • Add a countdown clock [DONE - AndreasNilsson]

  • Add information on which distros will be shipping GNOME 3 and when:

Distribution Version

Release Date

Installation Method

Fedora 15


GNOME 3 installed by default

openSUSE 11.04


Optional installation. Details TBA.

Ubuntu 11.04


Optional installation. Details TBA.

This is not a list of what should or needs to be done; it's just a list of possibilities. That said, please get in touch using the standard marketing channels if you would like to help with any of these items.

Early designs for can be found on the planning and design page.

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