Impact at GNOME

These are notes from our work during the Engagement BoF at GUADEC 2019. Original etherpad here:

Meeting on Aug 26, 2019


Working Group

  • Molly
  • Rosanna
  • Nuritzi
  • Deb as an advisor

[Total] Brainstorm / Warm Up Exercise:

  • how many people transitioning from proprietary software to open source software
  • people served by accessibility work
  • grants for journalists in vulnerable environments
  • bringing people fom marginalize language groups into the digital age. Underserved language groups.
  • GNOME community diversity
    • Gender, race, national origin, technical and class background, age

Impact Categories

WHY -- why are we measuring? What areas do we want to measure? And why are they important? What are our goals here?

  • Capacity Building
    • Fundraising, Engagement, Outreach
      • there are some specific grants we can qualify for
      • Tell a good fundraising story for FOG's
      • add advisory board members
      • recruit new contributors and users
      • ensuring that local groups are serving GNOME's mission
  • Retention and Happiness
    • Better understand the community to better serve them
    • Attract new talent by providing immediately graspabale success story
    • Resource allocation -- areas where the project needs support
    • Confidence that programs are effective feeds enthusiasm, confidence in the project that their time spent is worthwhile and making an impact
      • strengthen bonds with local groups
  • Organizational Maturity
    • Mission success
    • Ascertain the success of various programs. Accountability, prioritization
    • Clear picture for your budget
    • Helps you attract people from organized non-profits / best talent, etc
    • Brand recognition

Prioritized Categories

  • Metrics for a good fundraising story
    • counting and quantifying users and contributors
    • gender parity
    • global impact
    • competitive advantage areas: accessibility and privacy
    • NPS: Net Promoter Score
    • Ecosystem health (industry and partner adoption)
  • Ensuring outreach and engagement efforts are effective
    • Ensuring that local groups are serving GNOME's mission
    • Event attendance and impact
    • Booth effectiveness
    • Number of people following our official outreach channels
      • Foundation-announce
      • engagement blog
      • social media: twitter, facebook, mastadon, reddit
    • Understanding our contributor funnel
    • Increase number of contributors
      • Foundation members
      • GitLab stats

      • Measure users
      • Partners (distros)

Deep Dive On

Event attendance

  • Booths organized by staff and volunteers (maybe same, maybe different?)
    • cost: financial, staff time, and volunteer time
    • guesstimate of visitors
    • number of follow-ups with booth staff (?)
    • social media mentions
    • engagement strategies (what are the things that work best?)
    • SWAG sold and given, country specific (also useful for understanding our identity appeal)
    • FOG sign-ups, mailing list sign-ups
  • GNOME conferences
    • social media mentions / press generated
      • ACTION: @Molly to create a wiki page for GUADEC 2019 where we can keep track of how many articles we had
  • Community organized small events:
    • attendance - how many are new?
    • NPS - did people enjoy the event?
    • funnel - do people stick around or come back?
      • self-identification of first time, newcomer, and regular (later: how do you measure when someone is no longer a newcomer?)
    • Email or contact info captured
    • social media mentions / press generated
    • demographics of attendees
  • hackfests
  • Understanding GNOME community

GNOME Foundation Goals

1. Sustainable Project & Foundation

  • sustain and increase funding levels
  • increase number of contributors
  • create and sustain infrastructure for Foundation Staff

2. Increased User Base

  • Foster a vibrant Linux desktop
  • Uphold reputation as the most accessible desktop
  • Support improving the basic function of a desktop for everyone

3. Wider Awareness Through Leadership

  • Develop better marketing and outreach tactics
  • Become an exemplary FOSS community
  • Evaluate and adopt new technologies to stay competitive with proprietary desktops

Random Ideas Generated

  • Workshop for women and their friends (friend can be a man)

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