At GUADEC 2019: https://2019.guadec.org/

Ideas for what to do in the next year

  • communication channels
  • website improvements
  • information structure -- how do people find things?
  • readily accessible information for people who want to learn
  • how do newcomers get started for non-code projects? + onboarding for new engagement team contributors?
  • more newcomer events all around the world
  • SWAG program re-think
  • marketing materials available for
  • university outreach & student engagement

  • technical direction announcements
  • people don't know how GNOME is organized, they think that GNOME is one entity
    • infographics
  • local communities on social media and more global representation / outreach / engagement on official GNOME channels
  • More local teams with websites to promote GNOME locally
  • Many members that don't know how to contribute or know how to start (Engagement team)
  • better strategic project planning before design requests
  • how do we measure our impact?


Part 1: Introductions and Sign up people to ALL THE THINGS

Part 2: Ongoing project updates

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Gitlab
  • SWAG/Merch
  • Marketing Materials

Tabled: New Project and Future Goals

These are some topics that we wanted to talk about but did not have time to talk about.

  • Information structure
  • Website improvements
  • Technical Direction announcements

Part 3: Breakout Groups and Notes

During this part of the BoF we split into groups and worked on specific areas of interest.

Wiki Move

Britt, Tom, and Patrick met to talk about moving the GNOME wiki to MediaWiki. Why? The current wiki is locked down because of spam issues, and does not support our goals of being easy for newcomers to use.

Impact at GNOME

Nuritzi, Deb, Molly, and Rosanna met to talk about how to measure GNOME's impact in order to see how impacting programs are, and in order to help prioritize resources at GNOME.

University and Local Outreach

Caroline, Stella, Sigu, Tenzing, and Julita met to talk about how to increase run effective university outreach programs and help onboard newcomers to GNOME.

Action items:

  • ACTION: Onboarding process: Can we make a youtube video explaining how to get started contributed. Tenzing will be in the video! Can we use freehive? Or use screen capture and voice over. Expand later and make more how to videos for everything.
  • ACTION: University and Local Outreach Initiative: Form a team, that team comes up with marketing strategic plan, ambassador outline and expectations, (Tenzing, Sigu, StellaMaris, Julita, Caroline ?)

Website Redesign

Nuritzi, Tom, and Sri met to talk about the GNOME website and what we would need to do to get a redesign kicked off.

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