Meeting on September 8th


  • 3.26 release marketing (Allan)
  • Ubuntu migration docs meeting (Michael)

3.26 release marketing

  • Emily is available on Wednesday, Sri is available on Thursday
    • Loose ends and missing pieces:
      • screen shots
      • social media
      • volunteer coordinator
        • Be in touch with Matthias
  • Figure out what needs to be done on the marketing side

Release notes

  • git stats that Andre Klapper usually produces
  • ACTION: @Emily will help coordinate, Sri can help

Announcement news post on

  • Allan usually does the news post
  • Follow the example of past release notes:

  • DEADLINE: Tuesday by the end of the day so we can publish it on Wednesday
  • ACTION: @Allan to try to get this done by Friday evening, if not, Emily will take it up. Sri and Neil to help with proofreading and editing.

Social Media Posts

  • We need a plan here, it's not just about posting on the day of
  • Link is writing a blog post about release parties and will circulate it to engagement-list for edits
  • ACTION: @Nuritzi to send Link some pictures from previous release parties

  • ACTION: @Link to help post an article about release parties on Monday

  • ACTION: @Zana to give Emily tweet deck access

Email to Friends of GNOME donors

  • In the past some people have emailed back to ask us to remove them from our list
  • ACTION: @Neil to email donors to thank them for their support

Getting GNOME page

  • We're not touching it for now. If someone can update it, great, if not, then don't worry about it for the release day
  • We need to update the website to say that GNOME 3.24 is available: on release day, we should update it with 3.26

  • ACTION: @Link to poke around and see if we can automate the Get GNOME page more

  • ACTION: @Emily to update the Getting GNOME page on release day

Update the screenshots on

  • this is a lower priority item that can be skipped if absolutely needed

Screenshot pack

  • @Allan usually puts this together, we probably won't be able to have this for this release at the beginning
  • These are used by members of the press
  • See the examples before:

  • Most likely will not happen on the release day. If someone wants to try and do it, follow steps in the link above. You will need to collect screenshots from Andreas Nilsson and from the folder in Nextcloud. You can follow the example of previous screenshot packs.
  • ACTION: @Allan to finish taking screenshots for the release notes and upload them to Nextcloud

Release Video

  • Bastian is working on this we need to know what the link will be
  • Video will go into release notes,
  • ACTION: @Emily to contact Bastian about the release video. Add that to the news item and also use in social media

Ubuntu migration docs meeting

  • We had a meeting earlier this week. The notes are here:

  • Ken and team are going to do the documentation part
  • There will be weekly meetings
  • Tom is looking into adding a banner to on Ubuntu's release day (October 26th) and it will be up for about a month
  • We'll do more of the banner in July for the next release
  • Target for docs is by September 20th so that it can be included in Ubuntu's Yelp

  • ACTION: Michael to get banner size from Tom and get banner from Andreas or Jakub

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