Engagement Team Meeting 3 March 2017


  • Bastian
  • Allan
  • Neil
  • Rosanna
  • Sri

Items from last time:

Release 3.24 Marketing

  • Social media calendar has some info. Could do with some more info and content for the facebook part. Help welcome for more tweets.
  • Ask desktop devel?
  • Go through release notes, ask maintainers to do a nice blog post, and then we can publicise that - Neil/Rosanna/Nuritzi
  • Stickers
  • Allan saw a picture of the booth @ SCALE, it has some stickers
  • Waiting on Nuritzi to check

Release notes

  • Allan - notes are going reasonably well, big chunk of text is in the initial draft
  • Next stage is to nag devs for text - to be done next week
  • Wants them done early this year
  • Help needed with screenshots
  • Sri to help out with screenshots and getting details from devs re: GTK4 porting/prep work that's been done.
  • The video doesn't focus as much on developer experience, see builder.
  • Need to start the cycle earlier, as release notes and video cross-feed from each other

Release Video

  • https://wiki.gnome.org/ThreePointTwentythree/ReleaseVideo

  • Music to be looked at next week
  • Animations in progress, should have some samples of the style with the new branding
  • Screencasting is coming in from community which means less work \o/
  • Todo: nightshift light in control panel and recipies features
  • All: Anyone who has pictures from events to send to Bastian

Branding meeting

20th Birthday

  • Frameadate to set meeting for next week will be sent from Cassandra
  • GUADEC team working pretty hard on some of this

Conference planning

  • Copenhagen - 18th of March Open source days - will have a booth (gnome flyers, merchendise, Bastian needs help coordinating for merch.; would love stickers for this and for release party)
  • FOSS North - Bastian will speak about new release and representing GNOME - Bastian sent email with call for papers for both conferences
  • Linux Fest North West May 6th - call for presentations going on (about 3,000 people, would be great to have a presence; Sri is willing to travel there)
  • Linux Fest in Ohio (one of the biggest)
  • Linux Fest South West
  • Conference in India (International conference) - gives government exposure - already have people going; should give them talking points if possible
  • Sri will send out to mailing list to come up with talking points for Indian conference (need to look up requirements; make sure attendees gather information as well)


New things:

Annual report

  • Adelia is at SCALE, but may be willing to help organize the annual report. Rosanna to reach out and ask when she returns from SCALE
  • Need to work out the lead time. Allan put together a fairly aggressive schedule on the wiki. 5 Weeks + 1 week printing. 6 weeks minimum.
  • Hard deadline is the day before GUADEC (28th July)
  • Thus starting ASAP would be good
  • Reminder that this was actually for last year, so getting stuff sooner rather than later is good
  • Avoid a lengthy schedule, as it may be a bit of a drag...
  • Balance between length and PANIC.
  • If people go to a conference, ask them to possibly write what went on in a wiki? Would make it easier to track where we've been.

Indian government conference

  • 5 of us are going along, Sri leading
  • Keeps Indian community active
  • Talk about the platform
  • Look at what's important to talk about
  • Needs help working out icebreaker conversations?

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