Meeting on September 29th


  • Engagement requests for Board Hackfest (Nuritzi)
  • LAS planning update (Nuritzi)


Board Requests From Engagement Team

  • Recruiting within certain communities and how our policies help us do that
  • How do we get t-shirts and other SWAG to people who need them?
  • We should have more process around budgets. e.g. here are the events we have this year, how can we allocate budgets for those?
  • Tools for project management! e.g. event manager, shared calendars, docs, social media, etc
  • Do a hackathon around project management tools?
  • @Sri's experience doing social media at System 76 and has had such a better experience than at GNOME (he uses Sprout Social)

  • Policies around using free software for everything, even when tooling for PM tools might not be there yet
  • Big events about Flatpak like the Ubuntu one -- would we be able to fund something like this for Flatpak? How do we make really impactful events

Upcoming Conferences

  • @Sri to go to SeaGL this upcoming week

  • ACTION: @Michael to email Rikki to ask if there's a GNOME booth, or a possibility for one

  • ACTION: @Nuritzi to send flyer templates to both Sri and Michael, send Michael stickers, send Sri tablecloth

  • @Christian has some branded slides people can use
  • ACTION: @Nuritzi to add the presentation slides somewhere more visible

Ubuntu Migration

  • @Ken is going to try to write this during the Ubuntu Rally this upcoming week
  • Got feedback from Tom about the banner we could have
  • Possible blocker is the documentation on our wiki
  • Backup plan: "Welcome Ubuntu Users!" (a news post with a few quotes from project members)
  • ACTION: Write a news post (October 19th is the release date @Allan and @Nuritzi)

    • Quotes: Neil, Mark / Jeremy, Will Cook
    • ACTION: @Michael to get quote from Mark/Jeremy and Will

    • ACTION: @Allan to get Neil's quote

LAS Planning Update

  • Denver would be late Spring or Summer
  • When is GUADEC happening? This may help us plan LAS and GNOME.Asia
  • ACTION: @Nuritzi to follow up with Shaun about a bid and also GUADEC organizers about the dates

  • Alexandre was talking about new registration software for events, he may be someone we can talk to about that
    • It would be nice to make a decision as a project so that we have a more branded feel for the registration
    • It's difficult to maintain our own registration software. If you're organizing a conference, you don't want to develop event infrastructure
    • ACTION: @Nuritzi ask Alexandre what he's working on

  • ACTION: @Sri to ask Doug how we would set up the registration site and then keep sysadmin in the loop.

  • ACTION: @Sri to ping sysadmin on the ticket he opened to remind them we need help archiving the old LAS website

  • @Allan is helping with design work around Flatpak, would be interested in that happening at LAS but Spring of next year might be too late

Flatpak Events

  • Ubuntu had a big event and flew over a bunch of downstreams there to tell them about Snaps
  • Large Microsoft presence, video studio people

Fundraising Email

  • How do we help with the canibalization aspect
  • We do need to fundraise around Friends of GNOME first and foremost

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