Meeting on 25th of October 2019


  • Rosanna
  • Derek Graham
  • Caroline
  • Martin Abente Lahaye
  • Gaurav
  • Nuritzi


  • Come up with focus

Notes from meeting

Determine focus areas for Engagement team to work on in the coming year

  • Events and conferences (GNOME organized and booth/speaker support for external)
  • Diversity initiatives
  • University outreach
  • Ambassador program
  • regional meetups (annual at the national level?) + regional user groups
  • Social media
  • Website redesign (subgoal: onboarding, team directory, wiki improvements, )
  • Measuring impact
  • Communication strategy (ie. news item promotion, Coding Challenge support):

Kristi will create a survey to gage interest in these areas and send out to Engagement team. Once people sign up for areas we will form subteams and those teams will meet regularly. Diversity and Inclusion team should be included in Engagement meetings/projects

  • Update on university outreach: - still looking for someone to lead this innitiative.

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