Engagement Team Meeting on February 24 2017


  • Bastian
  • Rosanna
  • Siska
  • Mario
  • Sri
  • Cassandra

Release 3.24 Marketing:

  • Social Media: No social media planned yet. Nuritzi and Zana meeting next Tuesday at 2 pm PST (Rosanna)
  • Stickers: There are requests for sending to Brno (for Carlos to distribute in Europe) and Lyon (for the event box). People asked for hex stickers, so we need to reconsider the order. Adding more designs costs more money. Nuritzi is seeing samples of the stickers this weekend so can better recommend sizes after that. Let's aim to order them next week. Does 1,000 for Brno and 1,000 for the travel box sound ok? Check out the new app sticker designs: https://github.com/gnome-design-team/gnome-marketing/tree/master/stickers

  • Reimbursement Policy: Nuritzi wasn't able to update the
  • Generic gnome stickers are more likely to be taken (not specific app; options for colors available)
  • 22 UTC on 2/28 social Media

Branding Meeting

20th Birthday

  • Should we create a framadate for 20th Birthday meeting in March?
  • Cassandra will send out framadate - Week of March 6th

Meeting notes admin

  • Someone needs to archive old meeting notes and help organize them
  • Cassandra can take/organize notes

Conference plannning

  • Select conferences where we want to have a presence and see if we can get community to represent us
  • Copenhagen - 18th of March Open source days - will have a booth (gnome flyers, merchendise, Bastian needs help coordinating for merch.; would love stickers for this and for release party)
    • FOSS North - Bastian will speak about new release and representing GNOME
      • Bastian sent email with call for papers for both conferences
  • Linux Fest North West May 6th - call for presentations going on (about 3,000 people, would be great to have a presence; Sri is willing to travel there)
  • Linux Fest in Ohio (one of the biggest)
    • Linux Fest South West
  • Conference in India (International conference) - gives government exposure - already have people going; should give them talking points if possible
  • Sri will send out to mailing list to come up with talking points for Indian conference (need to look up requirements; make sure attendees gather information as well)


Linux Conference that Sri went to

  • Interest in GNOME and LAS GNOME
  • Almost everyone knew OS Tree

Release Video

  • Manuscript done
  • Voice over will be done by next week
  • Translation drafts will begin to create subtitles
  • On schedule to have it done (and with translations) on time
  • Musician (Simon) will put together music for the video in collaboration with Bastian
  • NEW: Want to bring in more communty celebrating to release video

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