Meeting on 20th of September 2019


  • Derek Graham
  • Britt
  • Caroline
  • Kristi
  • Gaurav
  • Sri
  • Nuritzi


  • Annual Report 2019
  • LAS
  • Diveristy and Inclusion updates
  • System 76 coordination more with the engagement team
  • GNOME ASIA is happening and more Social media covarage

Notes from the meeting

  • Performance of GNOME Releases and usability(collaborative proccess)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Article
  • Conference article for Annual Report 2019
  • ACTION: Britt to help for the conference article

Linux Application Summit

  • call for papers are closed and speakers will be announced
  • will happen in Barcelona from 12-15 of November
  • get to reach out to new audiences

Linux Application Summit

- a logo forthe intiative and branding.

ACTION: Kristi to read the email and coordinate with the Joshua for the sytem 76.

ACTION: Sri check with with Tenzin, StellaMaris and Sigu for Univeristy team meeting ( Engagement BoF)

ACTION: Kristi to check the notes of Engagement team BoF in GUADEC.

ACTION: Introducing local team of GNOME ASIA with Britt for social media covarage

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