= Engagement Team Meeting on March 17th 2017=


  • Allan
  • Rosanna
  • Nuritzi
  • Neil
  • Cassandra

Items from last time:

  • Found their website (google.com/grants)
  • We'd need to write a blurb and maintain keywords for them
  • Would need pruning/maintainence every quarter or so
  • Sri was going to check in with Justin to see if he has interest in handling this

News items (Allan)

  • Release announcement done \o/
  • Everything seems to be ready for the release
  • Done

Release parties (Nurtizi)

  • We have the page up about these
  • Some people are asking for budget
  • Possibly make more public?
  • Could do with some info about how to do a release party
  • Now for next release
  • Social media assets for future releases (badges etc)
  • Email from Biraj, Nuritzi to reply, point out new brand guidelines. Andreas or Bastian may be able to help with feedback

Branding meeting

  • Postponed for now

Annual report (Neil)

Indian Government conference (Sri)

20th Birthday (Allan)

  • Invitations - Allan to poke people, not done yet.

New things:

  • Video almost complete
  • Email out to FoG
    • Neil to check with Tobi if we just get a list of email addresses or need to use a system


  • Nuritzi has stickers!
  • Some to be carried over by Endless folk for Neil/Allan to hand out at events
  • Some for the hackfest


  • GTK one Mon-Weds
  • Rust one at end of month (29th -> 31st March)

  • Use social media to promote, and keep an eye out for things that happen
  • Promote FoG
  • Makes hackfests etc possible
  • Would be nice to get some pictures from the hackfests

Promote meetings

  • Perhaps intimidating for newcomers?
  • Public meeting once a month?
  • Hangouts on air
  • Need a list of things people can do
  • Recruit people!
  • Target designers etc?
  • All - think up some examples of short tasks for newcomers
  • Possibly make better use of the engagement blog (TIL: there's an engagement blog)

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