Engagement Team Meeting 17 February 2017

Meeting Notes

Conference Prep

GNOME style guide and branding

  • ACTION: Nuritzi send out framadate to schedule meeting in March

Release parties

  • 3.24 release on March 22nd
  • Offer $50 USD reimbursement through Paypal
  • Guidelines of what can and cannot be reimbursed
  • Release parties should be on week of March 22nd or up to a couple of weeks after
  • Ask for social media posts (hashtag?)
  • Cake challenge?
  • https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/ReleaseParties

  • https://wiki.gnome.org/Events/ReleaseParties/ThreePointTwentyfour

  • ACTION: Nuritzi create instructions on how to be reimbursed with example of budget sheet

  • ACTION: Set up page about release party by Feb 24

  • ACTION: Start advertising/marketing week of Feb 27th

Annual Report

  • Want to get printed for GUADEC
  • Ask Jeff about printing
  • Neil, Allan, and Adelia to project manage

Local Groups and Release Parties

  • Food, drinks
  • Showcased video
  • GNOME can work with the vendor directly
  • Also should look at the royalties that we have

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