Meeting on January 11, 2019


  • Claudio Santoro
  • Nuritzi Sanchez
  • Rosanna
  • Oliver
  • Sri
  • Britt
  • Caroline
  • Mac
  • Kristi



New meeting time

  • Oliver suggests that we move the meetng time/day

  • ACTION: Sri to send a meeting poll for a new TIME

New Meeting Software

  • Rosanna says that UberConference only allows maximum of 10 people

  • Might want to try Neil's Uberconference line since he pays for it and has a 100 person limit. Need to check with Neil to see if the Engagement call conflicts with other meetings he may have.
  • ACTION: Rosanna suggests using Neil's Uberconferece Line, let's give a check? Check other options.

New Engagement Team GitLab updates

Sticker orders and SWAG Centers

  • There's a SWAG center in Peru we need to follow up with (Jose)
  • Need to figure out which other SWAG centers there are,
  • The existing ones are
    • Nuritzi (USA), Rosanna
    • Carlos (Europe) - no longer active
    • Jose (Peru) - has a full supply
  • Future ones:
    • USA: Nuritzi, Rosanna
    • Europe: Kristi, Bastian
    • Brazil: Claudio, Georges
    • India: Umang, Shobha
  • ACTION: Place orders asap, by next week for FOSDEM.


  • Kristi is working with Kat to help with this,
  • Plan on adding more information about things that we'll be selling at FOSDEM
  • We're still trying to figure out where and what time the GNOME Beers event will be,
    • GNOME Beers will be on Saturday, February 2nd but time and place are TBA
    • ACTION do a placeholder social media post about GNOME Beers

    • ACTION: @Kristi to check on marketing materials for this and ask @Caroline to create social media asset for GNOME Beers if needed.

Annual Report

  • @Kristi sent out an email to the engagement-list about the Annual Report and is looking for volunteers
  • Anyone else who is interested in working on this, please send feedback/questions/ideas by Monday or Tuesday of next week

Academia Iniative

  • Shoba (?) is trying to organise Workshops for Students
  • There is a Academia Initiative for getting Materials, Resources, and Tools for getting Students Engaged with GNOME
  • ACTION: How to get Students involved in their local communities (Event templates), for creating Workshops etc

  • ACTION: Create Guides for the Academia Iniative

  • ACTION: Create a way of getting opportunities for Google Summer of Code, and Internships or Scholarships (Outreaching)

  • ACTION: Create a Guide that allows the Students to understand about the Opportunities

  • ACTION: Create a Brochure, and Marketing Material for the Initiative, Friends of Gnome, etc.

  • ACTION: Create GitLab Issues and prepare GitLab for this initiative

  • Interested People (For contributing to the Initiative)
    • Claudio (Brazil)

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