NOTE: This is a major dump of our meeting notes over the last few months in an attempt to document some of our meetings and clean up the weekly agenda/upcoming notes etherpad.

If you have any questions about this, please email Nuritzi: nuritzi AT gnome DOT org

Engagement Team Meeting on February 10th 2017 and Major Archive

  • SCALE 15x, Pasadena, CA, March 2 - 5th.
  • FOSDEM - update - Conferences -
  • FOSDEM - Tobias, Kat, Bastian, Benjamin will be setting up the table, will also bring t-shirts, totebags and other merchandising, brochures, and GUADEC t-shirts. Bastian for hte first time will be bringing socks with GNOME logo. GNOME Beer event will require social media to support on Saturday. Collabora will sponsor beer -
    • GNOME social media accounts/FOSDEM related social media pages to support the event.
    • Maybe post for volunteers and help from the GNOME community in Brussels?
    • can use tweetdeck to schedule tweets -


    • Conferences -
      • Look for conferences that are entreprenurial in nature, not just the usual places.
      • Linuxfest Northwest - (april)
      • Linuxfests around the country -
      • Conference support - Conference calendar - Event calendar
      • TechfestNW - a northwest version of SXSW ( -

      • Linux Foundation - Embedded Linux Conference - Feb 21-23rd me, Christian, Stephano, will attending, BoF - flatpak,
      • Open Source Days on the 18th March, in Copenhagen
      • FOSS North, in Gothenburg, Sweden, April the 26th
      • FOSSASIA 17th - 19th march

      • Conference support - Conference calendar - Event calendar (justin/sri)
      • GNOME Asia 2017(?) Adelia to follow up
  • Revamping the website/Redesign - Tom, Justin
  • Outreach Initiatves/Local Groups
  • Global initiatves - Bug Squash Month -
    • We need to have an onboarding plan for newcomers to come and rapidly becoming familiar with fixing bugs
    • Can use ideas like "Capture the Flag" and "high score list" to make things fun.
    • Perhaps fund prizes -
  • GNOME release 3.24
  • Request a budget for the year
  • GNOME 20th anniversary - Merchandising?
  • Recruitment – Justin to help with design
  • Annual Report

Ongoing meeting items

(Review and update list of ongoing Engagement team initiatives:

Release Marketing for 3.22

  • Here are the the leads for each of these areas:
  • Release notes - Allan
  • Release video - Bastian
  • News post for - Allan
  • Screenshot pack - Andreas
  • Update the screenshots on the website - Andreas
  • Social media coverage, running up to the release and immediately afterwards. - Nuritzi
  • Consider signing up for gnome-announce list
  • ACTION: see if previous GUADEC organizers would be willing to host a release party (alexandre & ben)

  • Release Party Ideas
    • @Carla - 3.22 release party stuff
    • Create a hashtag #gnomeparty #gnomelove
    • Create a flickr group?
    • Food with GNOME logo (muffins)
    • Create a GNOME cake
    • GNOME Social flickr @Cassandra


  • Create a news item for the Annual Report and blast that out
  • Start the new annual report on October 1st
  • Ask people who host the events to write a 1 paragraph summary right after the event.
  • @Zana - create a template for asking people for a summary
  • @Cassandra - Set up a Flicker group for GNOME Project:


  • Adopt a Hacker
    • Need to curate a list of hackers (about 10-15)
    • Gonyere will email GNOME project leaders and ask for nominations
    • Zana will bring blank postcards to GUADEC for them
  • Merchandise Page
  • Friends of GNOME Redesign - Allan & Zana


  • We need to request a budget for GNOME engagement.

Engagement Blog

  • Might want to feature a community meetup (espcially when we have some slow months)

Local events

  • Action Items:
    • @Nuritzi to estimate budget for t-shirts for GNOME SF, ask marketing list for budget requests
    • @Allan to learn more about process for requesting marketing budget at next board meeting
    • @Nuritzi send a request to Andreas and/or Allan - who can help us make stickers
    • @Zana - will add Adelia to the community blog after Adelia becomes a member
  • Budget requests

Conference Packs

  • Encourage members to be self-sustaining. These packs will be given to "official groups"
  • Links to party pack ideas:
  • Shirts that they sell:
    • 2 to 3 free shirts for organizers, be open to special requests
    • Standard: 5 small, 5 med, 5 large, 5 xl, 5 xxl
    • open to other suggestions
    • Stickers: 100 - 200 stickers (whatever is easiest)
    • Other ideas: pens, GNOME business cards / postcards, phone case for business cards (liv's idea), brochures (we would need to figure out what to put on them. maybe a friends of GNOME?), Tablecloths, 6 foot long rectangular table (see what the standard size is)
  • Official Groups: what does that even mean?
    • submit an application, having established trust (foundation member takes a look)
    • list the official groups on a wiki or something (think about adding a section to the website to create more visibility around local groups)
    • should we:
      • have at least one event a year
      • gnome release parties strongly encouraged
      • take part in social media-stuff (hashtags when their events are happening)
  • website: How do we change things on there? What's the process and how can we better levergage it?
  • Photos: Create a photo guideline plan - for conferences (nomination for @Cassandra to look into)
  • Travel box (

    • Emily has it in Carrollton, OH
    • Banner (table cloth and maybe a standup banner), & SWAG is the MVP.

    • Timeline to get banner by September in time for LAS GNOME
    • @Zana - ping Kat about a banner for the US "travel box" will ask about getting the file
    • @Sri - ping Emily and ask her if she can prepare the box for travel. Or else prepare it for someone to pick it up. - DONE 7/1

Stickers & Outreach Gear

  • Ideally we want local teams to be able to access GNOME merchandise
  • Would be good to have some approved vendors that they can use
  • Action: decide on process for ordering (what's needed in an application? invoice and reimburse?)
  • Action: Check whether the foundation can pay directly for approved "stuff" for groups, instead of reimbursing (saving on transaction fees), sending packs through the vendor
  • Action: review existing merchandise designs and see if we need to expand (probably do). Existing designs are here: The GNOME Zazzle store also needs updating (

  • Action: evaluate the different sellers (how much per item, how much for postage to different continents?). Unixstickers, Zazzle, Freeware, and Hello Tux.
  • Carla - cquinn is our Design Intern. We can forward requests for her to work on. Want to keep the internship structured.
  • @All - send all of the merchandise designs that we currently have to Allan. Friends of GNOME flyers, GUADEC flyers to give out at FOSDEM and business cards for LAS GNOME conference.

Licensing guidelines

  • Allan is still working towards more clarity re: re-sharing creative commons photos on own social media
  • Copyright assignment?



  • October 29th: Ladies that FOSS -

    • Need one (or more?) volunteers to go and mentor a few first-timers
  • Action Items:
    • Need to make a calendar with conferences with GNOME presence
    • @gonyere & @Adelia FOR LADIES THAT FOSS: Need to send an email to the general gnome dev list asking for volunteers



THIS WEEK IN GNOME - Sri, John (mrmcq2u), Kunaal (kunaaljain)

GNOME Bucharest

  • Already created facebook group, IRC, wiki
  • Need mailing list: Need to file a sysadmin bugzilla
  • Linux Install Fest 2nd week of October
  • Need handout with GNOME info for Install Fest
  • Carlos might give a speech on campus at UPB
  • Ubuntu vs. Fedora (sounds like Ubuntu is the best option for now since people already use it)
  • Action Items
    • @Razvan Email Nurizi with ideas for text for handout (e.g. links to facebook group, wiki,, etc.)
    • @Razvan, Rares Determine t-shirt costs, quantity, and sizes, email Nuritzi to request budget
    • @Razvan, Rares Look for sticker vendors, also send email to request budget
    • @Razvan, Rares Join Engagement mailing list (or go to #sysadmin to get set up)
    • @Razvan, Rares File a sysadmin bugzilla to request mailing list


  • Need to talk to core developers about extensions/implementing extension functionality (ex. GNOME weather w/ weather indicator)
  • Get the design team to give guidelines for extension developers
  • Give "do's" and "don'ts" since currently there isn't enough information on how to support extensions (esp. common use cases like indicators, status-menu-panels)
  • Already talked to Jakub during GUADEC with a mixed response ("extensions are >the wild west<, we didn't design it, we don't want to imply that this is ok")

  • Create a wiki page for extensions and extension community stuff
  • Currently it's hard to find information about it or about how to get in contact
  • Ask Bastian and Carlos where it makes sense to have this wiki since it can be used to get newcomers
  • Extensions are an easy way to get into shell programming
  • Want people to follow our guidelines as a helping hand and to encourage best practices
  • Would be nice to establish a mailing list for extensions #gnome-shell
  • Mario will be more involved mid-october / early november
  • Talk to translation teams for most popular extensions
  • Current page for Extensions:

  • Wanted a custom URI handler. Mozilla is stoppiing support. Hs created issues to open extensions.
    • mailing list @Mario - DONE, one other person doing this already on the mailing list
    • wiki - still need to work on this.
    • newcomers
    • @Razvan Ask Carlos where extensions should be posted on newcomer page. if he has any ideas for how to get people interested in extensions.

November Bug Squash

  • Alexandre will lead
  • Get bug team to help (e.g. Javier, Tobi, Jeff, & Andre)

  • Need a place for newcomers to receive help during this process
  • Wiki page with the details
  • Write about why it's important
  • Low barrier to entry. Don't need to know how to code to enter. If you do it during this month you will get trained by people who know how to do it. Then you can also use it for other projects than GNOME.
  • Closing bugs is just one of many things to do. Commenting. Trying to reproduce.
  • Find incentives
  • Consider swag for top contributors (t-shirts, stickers)
  • Update information on how to contribute if you're a newcomer and can't close bugs (information from bug squad)
  • Selecting 4 days for global bug squashing. Then, we can select a week to try to do local meetings.
  • Spread across the month
  • Not on the same weekday
  • Social media advertising/marketing (e.g. blog post on how to run an event)
  • Encourage in-person work
  • Mentors! We need them. Can we add basics on the wiki page for how to triage bugs? This is the part that seems most chalenging. I think we may need more than a couple of days to do this right.
  • Marketing. It'd be great to get some images to post on social media and elsewhere. We also might consider:
    • news post
    • email to foundation-announce, engagement, and developer lists
    • social media
  • Potential Dates: Saturday 5th, Friday 11th, Thursday 17th, Wednesday 30th
  • Action Steps
    • @afranke figure out who will participate as mentors and ask about dates
    • @afranke include list of ways to contribute aside from closing bugs
    • Decide on exact dates by Mid-October to begin planning marketing

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