Meeting on December 1st


  • Nuritzi Sanchez
  • Carlos
  • Neil
  • Sri
  • Feaneron
  • Umang
  • Meg


Discuss during meeting:

  • Mozilla joint announcement for university clubs (Meg)
  • GitLab for Engagement workflow (Nuritzi)

  • Events in 2018 / SWAG Center expansion (Nuritzi)
  • Patreon check-in (Nuritzi)

Do during meeting:

  • Social media for December (Nuritzi)


Mozilla joint announcement for university clubs

  • Official name is Open Source Clubs
  • Mozilla is helping to run broad "intro to open source" workshops and we were interested in opportunities to collaborate
  • They have a pilot program in 12 universities, the research took longer than expected but there's a paper out now on what they found. They are interested in using our activities in December and later in January. Since they are going to start using our activities, they are interested in a joint announcement. We may want to come up with the announcement on our side and propose it to Mozilla. They have a blog where they talk about the project and we can publish it on
  • They want to get feedback on the program from mentors and also students. The calls would be on East Coast time.
  • Quotes:
    • Mozilla: 2 people who could give this: main developer, and Lucy Harris (Community Development Team Lead @Mozilla )
    • GNOME: Meg and Neil
  • They list us on their website as a partner, we are providing the activities but not the funding (

  • Target deadline: Meg to find out what the deadline is, but it should probably happen by January
  • ACTION: start adding details in about the program and gather quotes here:

  • ACTION: Meg to secure quotes from Mozilla side
    • ACTION: Neil and Meg to also provide quotes from GNOME side

GitLab for Engagement workflow

  • GitLab has a more easy-to-understand UI for design and Engagement

  • Challenge: it's a technical tool and there will be a learning curve
  • Sri: it has been great so far. Got a lot of participation from the attendees, we have a lot of pictures and write-ups of what happened at the hackfest. With Patreon, we have a lot of people helping to write the message. Had a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of it was core developers.
  • Permissions. two settings: you are a developer or you don't have permissions. Right now, Engagement team is separate from the rest of the GNOME project, so we can give permissions to others. One of the things that requires developer permissions is the wiki itself. Only the Engagement team needs . Carlos and Andrea are the admins that could
  • Georges is using kanban boards for calendar and todo based loosely on Endless workflow. using GitLab labels. Has specific labels, and GitLab does the mapping of labels to columns. Newcomers seem to be (example:

  • ACTION: Carlos to look into how Nuritzi to check out GitLab's workboards to see how mareting / design, etc workboards are structured


  • If we get questions to Sri, Aaron can help do the interviews.

Social Media

Giving Month Theme

  • 3 Patreons (target dates, 6th, 11th, 18th)
  • Friends of GNOME (2 times)
  • Happy Holidays posts (December 4th)

* Can we get people to create more reports * What are some accomplishments or memories from the year that we can promote and share?

  • Conferences this year: GNOME.Asia and GUADEC
  • 20th Birthday Celebrations
  • Who are our newcomers? Can thank all the people who just got started contributing to GNOME. List of people who submitted their first patch @Umang
  • UX hackfest and other hackfests around the world
  • GitLab migration

  • Flathub started
  • Ubuntu joined us (users)
  • Friends of GNOME recognition (all of them) ... post and email
  • Announce GUADEC, LAS, and maybe GNOME.Asia dates


December 4th Theme: Happy Holidays Happy Holidays from GNOME! [Image]

Dec 6th Theme: Pippin's Patreon December is the season of giving at GNOME! Consider supporting GNOME members like Pippin, whose work is making GNOME Photos better. Learn more: [link]

Dec 8th Themes: Hackfests GNOME Sponsored 9 Hackfests this year thanks to generous donations from people like you. Help us sponsore more next year:

  • image should be one good picture
  • [mhall119] collage of a few events

Dec 11th Sebastien Wilmet

Dec 13th Friends of GNOME

Dec 18th Tim Bader

Dec 19th Thanks to all Newcomers

Dec 27th Friends of GNOME

Jan 1 Happy New Year from GNOME! (Link to targeted events page)


  • General Happy Holidays
  • Thank you and Happy Holiday theme for Friends of GNOME (maybe use the equation)
  • Happy New year artwork
  • [mhall119] Hackfest collage (try to include diversity of people)


(Review and update list of ongoing Engagement team initiatives:

SWAG Center Expansion

  • We talked about how to set up a distribution center in China and India - we need to know the kind of papers, link to the designs, and what not.
    • Decisions: which sets of stickers we need to make available with the ideas that we would have the pdfs ready for download and given to print shops Task: decide which papers we want, and printer margins - Umang and Anna

Annual report 2015 - 2016

* Annual Report

  • Jeff willing to design
  • Ideas for special feature
    • 20th anniversary retrospective
      • Include forward looking statements about goals for the near future
    • Newcomer iniitiative / revamp
  • Available as supporting members - Nuritzi and Rosanna
  • UPDATE June 9, 2017
    • Hard deadline for 1st draft by Friday the 16th
    • ACTIONS:
      • Neil: finding local printers, email about bugzilla
      • Emily to start reviewing Accessibility
      • Rosanna: give Neil Friends of GNOME data
      • Nuritzi: make sure Cassandra can find pictures, coordinate with Bastian about factoids
    • Update Aug 24, 2017: The Annual report for 2015 - 16 is complete and printed:

      • Need to send an email asking if anyone wants to train to be a project manager of the Annual Report
        • Post a news item after the GUADEC post
    • ACTION: Nuritzi should post about the Annual Report being available during the week of Sept 1st
    • ACTION: Neil should email engagement list about being a project manager in training

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