Things to Promote in March 2017


Things to Promote

Also (worth) to consider: -oliverp "GNOME accepted for GSoC 2017"

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Thursday, March 2nd

SCALE 15x starts today! Come visit us at booth #503

Sat, March 4th

It's #LinuxPlaya time at Santa Maria beach. Awesome presentations on design, robotics, education and more! #IAMGNOME

Mon, March 6

Consider hosting a release party! Spread the #GNOMELove

Weds, March 8th

Get excited - the GNOME 3.24 release is close! Check out our updated printer panels, just one of the many improvements this cycle:

Mon, March 13th

Almost ready for #GNOMERelease 3.24! The hard code freeze is today.

Wed, March 15th

Join #GNOME hackers in London for the upcoming GTK+ Hackfest on March 20th - 22nd

Friday, March 17th

Find a #GNOMERelease party near you:

Mon, March 20th

Got cake? Bake something awesome for the #GNOMERelease 3.24 then add your recipe to the brand new Recipes app!

Wed, March 22nd

GNOME 3.24 is here! Make sure to post pictures of your celebrations #GNOMEParty #GNOMERelease [link to the release video]

Feedback from Allan

Release 3.24

  • - Release parties - Dev freezes? @All - Does anyone know of relevant ones we should promote? - Beta release? @All - Does anyone know of relevant ones we should promote?

The release schedule is here. We've just had the second beta. That leaves the final development release - the "release candidate" - which is scheduled for March 15th.

There have been a bunch of other posts on Planet GNOME that it would be good to share, possibly in the run up to the release.

  • ..

GTK+ hackfest March 20 - 22

I'm not thrilled about there being a hackfest at the same time as the 3.24 release - it makes it hard to stay on message. We might have to think about how to reconcile this in our messaging.

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