Social Hour event

What is the social hour event?

It is a friendly and informal meet up with Gnome contributors where in each meeting we have a guest invited from other Free Software communities where we share our experiences, and start new collaborations and friends. During the call our guest can give a presentation for 20-30 min on the topic that they would like, and after this presentation, other participants can ask questions about or discuss the subject.

When and where does this event happen?

This event happens every first Friday of the month at 16:00 UTC It lasts for 1 hour in total. This is the platform we will use for the call

Will the social hour be recorded?

Please keep in mind that the social hour event will be recorded so in this way others who could not make it to the call can listen to the presentation later.

Below is the list of our previous guests

1. Justin Flory Presentation Recording

Justin W. Flory is a creative maker. He is best-known as an open source contributor based in the United States. He was the first, full-time co-op placement to work exclusively on open source community issues for UNICEF Office of Innovation. Currently, he works as a consultant for open source projects and community-building. Furthermore, Justin is a contributor to the Fedora Project.

2. Marie Nordin Presentation Recording

Marie is Fedora’s new Community Action and Impact Coordinator(FCAIC). She is a long term contributor to Fedora, beginning in 2013 with an Outreachy internship for Fedora Badges design. As lead design maintainer of Fedora Badges, she has designed over 150 badge designs, created documentation and a style guide, and mentored new design contributors for years.

The topic of the presentation: From intern to FCAIC.

3. Deb Nicholson Presentation Recording

Deb Nicholson is a free software policy expert and a passionate community advocate. She is the Director of Community Operations at Software Freedom Conservancy where she supports the work of its member organizations and facilitates collaboration with the wider free software community.

The topic of the presentation: Roadmapping and Finding People

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