How To Submit Photos to GNOME

Submitting your photos is a great way to contribute to the project. If you have been involved in GNOME-related events and activities, we'd love to see the pictures you took! Your photos help others get a feel for what the GNOME community is like, and may be featured in social media posts, the engagement blog, or even in important publications like the annual report.

Ways to share your photos

For all of these, please tag your photos with hashtags for events, or descriptions, to help us know what events the pictures are from.


Upload your photos to our shared album called GNOME Social - on Flickr. Remember to update the license information to CC-BY-SA after you've uploaded your photos to ensure we can use your great content.

Google Photos

We've started a shared album called GNOME - on Google Photos that you can join. Please add your photos for events and activities there.


If you are a Foundation member, upload your photos to your personal Nextcloud account and share the album with GNOME Engagement by posting a link to it in the main Engagement/Photos wiki page. Make sure the name and license of your photo is in the file name!


If you prefer, you can email your photos as attachments directly to In the email please include the license information for your photos (see below).

Don't worry about the image resolution. If we think your photo would work for the particular need we have (i.e. social media post, blog post, annual report, etc.) we'll upload it to our Engagement Assets folder. Different uses require different resolutions, so we may get in touch with you later!


If you'd rather use another online photo host, feel free to add a link to your album to the main Engagement/Photos wiki page or send us your link via email.


Naming files

If possible, try to rename the files you submit with licensing information. Here's a suggested format: TitlebyYourNameCCBYSA40


When you take a photograph, it belongs to you and we won't be able to use it without your consent. Adding your preferred licensing information helps everyone know how they can use your photo.

When you share photos with us, our suggested license for submitted photos is CC BY-SA 4.0 or [|CC0 - Public domain]].

What do these licenses mean?

CC BY-SA 4.0: Basically, this means that anyone can use and adapt your photograph as long as they give you the credit for taking the photo and re-license the photo in the same way it was originally shared.

CC0: This means anyone can use this however they'd like without attribution. 

Another popular way of sharing photos is "Courtesy of" where you allow us to use it but withhold all rights and others need to ask you for permission to use your asset.

Some other popular ways of sharing photos are: "Courtesy of" (you allow us to use it but withhold all rights and others need to ask you for permission to use your asset) and "[" (anyone can use this however they'd like without attribution).

For more information, read our asset licensing guide or check out the Creative Commons website.

Photo Privacy

Don't forget that the photos you submit may be used publicly, so make sure that you and the people in the photos you submit feel comfortable with these being shared. It's best practice to ask people if they are comfortable with your taking their photo in the first place. If you enjoy taking candid shots, you should try to ask people afterward if they're ok with your sharing it. Be very responsive and respectful if someone asks you to remove a photograph that you took of them.

Remember that it's not only common courtesy to respect people's privacy and not share unwanted photos, but it can also be illegal. Please help us make sure that the photos your share are taken and shared responsibly.

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