GNOME News & Blogs

Spreading the word about what is going on in GNOME is a vital part of GNOME engagement, and it is a great way to contribute to the project. It is also an important way in which we can communicate GNOME's vision and mission.

GNOME News communicates all the cool and exciting things that are happening in the project to external audiences, and is one of the main ways that we can get people interested in our project as users, contributors and supports.

The Engagement Blog focuses on the people side of things within the GNOME community. This is where we can highlight members of our community and their contributions.

News Channels

GNOME has a surprisingly large number of news streams and channels. These are the key ones that GNOME news focuses on:

  • - our central place for posting GNOME news items
  • - where press releases are posted
  • Social media streams (Twitter, Facebook, G+) - these constitute our main social media presence

Engagement Blog

How to Help

GNOME News: We always need contributors to help with GNOME news, by writing and editing news posts. Just ask on the IRC channel or mailing list if you want advice. You can also get ideas for news content by:

  • Subscribing to the GNOME engagement mailing list and joining the #engagement IRC channel

  • Follow what's happening in GNOME by reading Planet GNOME and other mailing lists

  • Check out the Events & Hackfest page on the wiki for information about upcoming events.

Engagement Blog: If you'd like to feature someone on the Engagement Blog and write a post about them, we recommend that you take a look at our interview guide.

Once you've written a news or blog post, you can ask one of the news crew to post it for you using the normal engagement channels. Later, we will give you a or engagement blog account so you can post things yourself.

Posting News

Got a piece of GNOME news that you want to send out to the world? Getting the word out is easy. The standard procedure for making announcements goes like this:

  • Post the news story (or press release) on If you do not have access, or if you have not posted a news item before, just get in touch with the engagement team using the usual channels. You can also check out our list of contacts for individual news channels.

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