We always need help promoting GNOME, so if you can write, do web development, design merchandise, or just have great ideas, you can help.

Getting Started

If you are new to GNOME and want to contribute to GNOME marketing, there are a few things you should do:

  • Use GNOME! If you don't already, you should use GNOME 3 so you can understand what our software delivers.
  • Learn about the project: knowing a bit about GNOME's history and how it works will help you promote it. The About Page is a good place to start. The GNOME Love project tour also points out some of the main parts of the project.

  • Follow the daily goings on of the project. Read Planet GNOME and GNOME News, sign up to our Identi.ca and Twitter feeds.

Start Participating

Don't hesitate to ask for advice. If you are unsure what to work on, just ask for suggestions.

  • Subscribe to the GNOME Marketing List

  • Connect to #marketing on irc.gnome.org

  • Check out the Marketing Requests list [for tasks marked with GNOME love?]

Work to your strengths

There are lots of different ways to contribute to GNOME marketing.

  • Writing - write posts for the gnome.org news section, or help with the annual and quarterly reports

  • Design and artwork - help to design merchandise, like t-shirts, stickers and posters, or create graphics for the web sites

  • Web development - see GnomeWeb

  • Advice and communication - if you are an established GNOME contributor, you can help by answering press queries, giving marketing contributors ideas for news stories, checking marketing materials for accuracy and helping out with release notes

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