Friends of GNOME

Friends of GNOME is a scheme that allows people to regularly donate money to the GNOME Foundation.


  • Raise money for the GNOME Foundation, through regular subscriptions and one time donations.
  • Increase awareness of GNOME's mission, and the role of the Foundation.
  • Generate a sense of community among supporters. Increase their dedication and enthusiasm.

Scheme Administrators

  • TobiasMueller - maintains infrastructure, responds to queries, keeps everything working

  • RosannaYuen - sends out perks (t-shirts, stickers, mouse pads, and so on), and keeps hackers supplied with GNOME postcards

Perks for Donors

  • Adopt a hacker ($10 a month)
    • Post card
    • LWN subscription
    • T-shirt
  • Associate ($25-500)
    • Mouse pad
    • Stickers
  • Sponsor ($500-1200)
    • Coffee mug
    • T-shirt
  • Philanthropist ($1200+)
    • Signed poster from the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors

All of these items are paid for by the GNOME Foundation. The Foundation has a deal in place to get LWN subscriptions at a reduced cost (there's an annual subscription fee for each donor who uses their LWN subscription).

Scheme Details and Organization

  • Regular payments are only accepted via Paypal. These are sent to the GNOME Foundation.
  • Single one time donations are also accepted, through cheque, wire transfer, Flattr and Bitcoin.
    • Donors receive an automatically generated thank you email.
    • These donations are framed under the umbrella of Friends of GNOME, but we don't offer perks like for regular donations.
  • email alias:

  • The automated infrastructure is made up of scripts that are maintained by TobiasMuller.

  • Email templates:
  • After adopt a hacker donors have paid a certain amount, they are sent an email asking if they want to take up their free LWN subscription. If they say yes (in a reply), TobiasMueller sends them an email with a token that they can use to claim.

    • Each token works for a year. It must be renewed (FIXME: do donors get an email to tell them how to do this? Do they get notified when the token has lapsed?) by the donor.
  • We have team of people who send out post cards to donors.
    • Post card senders are automatically sent an email with instructions of who to send a post card to.

Friends of GNOME Campaigns

The Engagement Team has run a number of Friends of GNOME fundraising campaigns in the past:

Planning and Strategy


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