Annual Report 2015

This is the workspace for the production of the 2015 GNOME Annual Report. The report covers the 2015 financial year, which ran from the beginning of October 2014 to end of September 2015. However, some sections (such as the annual Bugzilla report) cover the 2014 calendar year.


If you're interested to contribute to the report, please add your name here!

Production schedule/critical path

  1. Kick-off meeting - Ideas & suggestions, finalize content outline and etc - suggest to include as an agenda item in the upcoming Engagement team meeting i.e week of Jan 25th

  2. Identify and recruit contributors - writers, designer(s), editor(s), proof-readers etc. - by mid-February

  3. Write - First draft of content - to be ready by March 31, 2016 - revised

  4. Photographs - Gathering of photos, checking licenses (concurrent with #3)
  5. Draft review (1 week)
  6. String freeze - final proof-read (3-4 days)
  7. Editor sign-off
  8. Design and layout (2 weeks?)
  9. Design-proofing and approval or feedback (3/4 days)
  10. Final design approved
  11. Printing/online production
  12. Distribution - end June

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Articles and Sections

Here's the plan, derived from last year (but reordered for the 2015 edition):

Points to ponder:

  • What else must we include and what else do we want to include?

  • What, in this outline and in previous reports have we seen that we like, and which ones don’t appeal? Why?
  • What is the story we want to tell about GNOME, and how can this report help that?

Ideas & Suggestions

  • Using statistics and numbers to tell our story e.g. "GNOME Foundation by the numbers". Can we think of any meaningful stats/numbers to highlight? # of new foundation members or total # of foundation members, # of attendees at GUADEC 2015 (to show the size of GNOME's footprint - pun intended)
  • 2015 Highlights in a visual timeline (by dates) so readers can see GNOME's year in a glance (events, releases, conferences, noteworthy statement releases etc)


Have any photos you'd like to contribute to the 2015 Annual Report, you want to share?! Instructions here - - Help make our 2015 Annual Report the best yet!

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