Accessibility Report

Accessibility report for 2014-15.

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GNOME is working hard on replacing X with Wayland, and the Accessibility team is working towards bringing all the GNOME accessibility features to Wayland. This is turning into a long winding road where, although many goals have been set, there are still many bugs to address — for example, how input methods are synthesized via AT-SPI2.

Two members of the Accessibility team, Joanmarie Diggs from Igalia, and Joseph Scheuhammer from the Inclusive Design Research Centre (OCAD University), are participating in creating the WAI-ARIA 1.0 W3C Recommendation standard as a part of the Protocols & Formats Working Group, which is a part of the Web Accessibility Initiative. This participation makes it possible for GNOME's accessibility vision to be considered during the creation of the standard, as well as helps GNOME to follow these standards.

Orca's support for Gecko has been massively refactored, which means that Mozilla/Thunderbird work correctly with Orca. Lots of bug fixes are being done. Work is also going into making changes that will help Orca work more reliably, predictably, and consistently with NVDA (e.g. having a focus mode, a browse mode, a sticky focus mode, and configurable settings for automatic switching between them).

All the efforts sponsored by the Friends of GNOME accessibility campaign finally turned the GNOME Document reader, Evince, into a much more accessible application. This involved not only work on Evince, where the keyboard navigation support was added and refined, but also on several other places in the stack. For example, in Poppler, the PDF rendering library, Tagged PDF was added, and in the implementation of ATK interfaces, things like AtkText and AtkDocument were improved. We encourage Orca users to give Evince a try and provide feedback.

The Java ATK Wrapper is now actively maintained. It was also updated to fix build bugs, GTK+3 support was finally integrated, and the minimum Java version was set to 1.6.


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