Annual Reports

This is the planning and development space for the GNOME Annual report. Copies of the final reports can be found at:

Current Annual Report

Annual Report Procedure

Procedure for creating an annual report.

1. Plan

  • Coordinator creates wiki page for the report and lists the articles to be included. Each article page should have sections for: links to related material, reviewers to mark that they have done a review, comments.
  • Coordinator emails engagement list to request feedback and suggestions.
  • Coordinator recruits volunteers, via the mailing list (and back room arm twisting) - one volunteer for each section, plus volunteers for design, editing, proof reading. Deadlines are agreed with authors.
  • Schedule is drawn up and circulated.

2. Write

  • Authors write their articles and post them to the wiki, notifying the mailing list when they are done. (2 weeks)

Wiki page for the annual report in progress: 2019

3. Review and editing

  • Initial review: reviewers send feedback to authors, and request them to make necessary changes. The mailing list can also provide feedback during this phase. (1 week)

  • Coordinator announces when string freeze will come into effect, and the final round of proofreading takes place. (3/4 days)

  • The editor signs off on each article - indicates on the wiki when they are final. No changes are allowed after this point.

4. Design and layout

  • Designer does the layout, and sends a proof PDF to the mailing list. They set a deadline for when corrections should be announced by. (3/4 days)

  • Proof PDF is checked for errors. These are corrected by the designer, who then provides a final version of the PDF. (3/4 days) error checking and final proof reading. Provides a final deadline for changes to be submitted.

5. Distribution

  • PDF is sent to the board of directors/local GUADEC organising team for printing.
  • PDF is posted online along with a news post on

Image Requirements

Where possible, each annual report article should be accompanied by images. These should be attached to the wiki page for the article that they are for.

  • Where possible, provide original images at the maximum size possible. This gives the report designer flexibility.
  • Images must be accompanied with the name and email address of the copyright holder.
  • Images must be licensed using a copyleft licence. CC-BY-SA is best.

Prior Annual Reports

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