Start putting some stuff together for the style guide.


  • command-line, not commandline
  • GNOME, not Gnome or gnome

  • GSettings and gsettings, depending on which one you mean
  • <app>Application Name</app> and <cmd>applicationname</cmd>

    • example: <app>Files</app> and <cmd>nautilus</cmd>

  • wireless access point, not base station (see Wikipedia)

  • check, not tick


  • select menu items

  • open dialogs

  • press buttons

  • choose… something?


  • use simple English wherever possible
  • no Latin (cf., e.g., etc., i.e.)

  • no contractions
  • no genetive
  • "use <link> to do something", not "to do something, see <link>"

  • use (ellipses) instead of ..., create ellipses using Ctrl+Shift+U+2026

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