* FULL NAME: Efstathios (Stathis) Iosifidis

* BIRTHDAY: July 17th, 1975

* LOCATION: Thessaloniki (GR)

* PROFESSION: Veterinarian

* University of Macedonia student. Department of Applied Informatics, Information Systems

* openSUSE member since 2010

* Gnome Foundation Member since 2011

* Coordinator of GNOME Greek translations since September 2014

* Member of the openSUSE Travel Support Program 2014-2016


* Linux user since 2006.

* Co-founder of GreekLUG.

* With Kostas Koudaras we were the openSUSE team at the 75th International Trade Fair

* Educational Lecture: "Kids and Internet"

* With Kostas Koudaras we were the openSUSE team at the openSUSE presence at the celebrations for the 100 years Scouting in Greece

* Supported scouts team to participate to JOTI-JOTA

* Organized 11.3 release party at Thessaloniki,GR

* Organized 11.3 release party at Athens,GR

* I along with a small team of the Greek openSUSE community traveled about 2 and a half hours to go to the beautiful border town of Florina on Christmas eve, invited by teachers of The Educational Computer Association of Florina to promote openSUSE at 1st OpenFest Open Christmas at Florina, December 24th, 2010

* Thessaloniki 11.4 release party organizer

* SUSE Studio talk @ openfest 2011

* 11.4 release party organizer

* Talks about SUSE Studio, openSUSE Medical, How to use openSUSE wiki and other community tools, Gnome Greek Community and Gnome 3 at FOSSCOMM 2011.

* Organized and made a Gnome presentation (see the video) at 1st openSUSE collaboration summer camp.

* Desktop Summit (Berlin, August 6-12 2011)

* Android application for openSUSE Greek community news.

* Organized Software Freedom Day (September 17th 2011) @ Florina.

* Organized a booth at 76th Thessaloniki's International Trade Fair, September 10-18, 2011.

* Organized Gnome 3.2 release party, Thessaloniki, September 30th, 2011.

* Mentor @ Google Code In 2011 with openSUSE and Gnome.

* Presentation about Gnome 3.2 @ Kastoria FOSS conference, participation at 12.1 release party.

* Organized Thessaloniki's openSUSE 12.1 release party.

* FOSSCOMM 2012 participation with presentation openSUSE medical (in Greek), ownCloud(in Greek), Gnome extensions (in Greek) and Animal Shelter Manager (in Greek). I also had a GNOME Booth.

* Organized 2nd openSUSE collaboration summer camp and participated in 2 presentations and workshop. The presentations were about ownCloud (in English) and how to behave at booths (in English). The workshop was about translation some programs of Gnome.

* Volunteer @ openSUSE conference 2012 (Prague), presentation about Nonverbal communication @ booth (Video)

* Presentation "How to use GNOME on openSUSE and why to attend to openSUSE conference?". Here is the report with many prictures.

* FOSSCOMM 2013 with 5 presentations and GNOME Booth. ownCloud, Enlightenment on openSUSE, GNOME community gone crazy?, Why openSUSE 12.3?, #oSC13 @ Thessaloniki 2013. Here is the report and if you would like to see the videos, here is GNOME, Why openSUSE 12.3? and #oSC13 @ Thessaloniki 2013.

* Help Organize openSUSE conference 2013 - July 18-22, Thessaloniki-Greece (Google Plus event, Facebook event). openSUSE conference report.

* Presentation at 1st event of Linux and Free Software Community, the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki about use of GNOME, GNOME community and Outreach Program for Women.

* Volunteer at openSUSE conference 2014 - April 24-28, Dubrovnik-Croatia (duties to update social media accounts. Here are Google Plus event, Facebook event, Lanyard event page and of course twitter @opensuseconf). I also organised GNOME booth at the event.

* Outreach Program for Women Mentor, May 2014 - August 2014

* Volunteer at ownCloud conferences 2015, 2016, 2018

* Volunteer at Nextcloud conferences 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

* Volunteer at FOSDEM with Nextcloud 2018, 2019, 2020

* Moderator of Ubuntu Greek Facebook group since 2012

* Outreach Program for women mentor, 2014

* GSoC mentor, 2019

* GUADEC 2019 organizing committee

* GNU Health: Contributor, translator

* Raspberry Pi translator

* UB Ports translator

* Nextcloud community contributor: translator, content creator, promotion

* ownCloud community contributor: translator, content creator, promotion

* ONLYOFFICE community contributor: translator, content creator, promotion

Greek Gnome Community Involvement

* I coordinate translations and I also translate. I'm doing the marketing part in Greece. I join conferences with presentations or booths (or both). See above for presentations. I write some articles-news on

I also manage GNOME's social media:

* Twitter: @gnomegr

* Facebook page

* Facebook group


* My Blog

* My Gnome Blog

* Github page

* Gitlab page


* Email: iefstathios at

* IRC: diamond_gr or iosifidis on freenode or eiosifidis on

* Github: iosifidis

* Gitlab: eiosifidis

* Facebook

* Linkedin


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