About Drom :)

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Well, what do you want to know? My name is Lucas Lommer and I'm one of admins on Art.Gnome.org. These days I'm trying to do something with Gnome Art tutorials. If you want to help us with this important documentation, feel free to do it :). Sometimes I try to anwer your questions on Gnome support forum.
I'm busy these days, so I have no time for Gnome-CZ page developing, but I'm going to do it soon. You can see a scratch at http://test.kdyne.net/gnome-cz/ but it is unmaintained now and dusfunct :). I welcome all suggestions or your help with this (czech users only, of course :)).

Where do I live

MultiMap.com location
Photo of a house I live in


If you want to contact me, visit #gnome-art channel on irc.gnome.org (or irc.gimp.org) IRC network.
Email: <drom AT SPAMFREE kdyne DOT net> (general) -OR- <llommer AT SPAMFREE svn DOT gnome DOT org> (gnome-related stuff)
ICQ: 178131737
MSN: drom_mesindzr@hotmail.com
Y!M: drom_terrien
AOL: drom terrien
JAB: drom@jabber.org
G-G: 5662331


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