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{i} The DocumentationProject team: who is working on what (in no particular order)?


  • beagle manual/guide (I know I'm not a doc team member, but I didn't wanna have two people working on it)


  • user guide - basics (gosbasic.xml) - I plan to do more on this, but any help is appreciated.
  • gedit user manual


  • gedit user manual


  • user guide - Introduction. Possibly more updates.
  • gparted docs - yes, sill may get round to this one day, sorry :(

  • script to pull docs from cvs to wiki (low priority)
  • script to automate screenshots... (low priority)

SegPhault (Ryan Paul)

  • Rewriting gnome-games documentation
  • ...


  • reviewer of said patches.
  • rewrite of menustructure.xml gnomebug:158037. [fixed]


  • GNOME docs - review of document titles and descriptions.
    • see Consistent Docs for a list of the patches and which have been reviewed

  • GNOME-doc-utils - start to port unported modules to gnome-doc-utils (I'm open for random suggestions/help/instructions from anyone who's had experience with gnome-doc-utils).

Don Scorgie OgMaciel

  • Gnome accessibility guide - Any help is much appreciated!


  • User guide - Epiphany (epiphany.xml) - commited to 2.14.x.
  • User guide - Epiphany extensions (epiphany-extensions.xml) - commited to 2.14.1.
  • User guide - Rhythmbox (rhythmbox.xml) - small fixes, style improvements, typos - commited to 0.9.4.


  • Epiphany-Extension (expected for 2.14.1)
  • Rhythmbox (Rewrited and ported to gnome-doc-utils: to be released in 0.9.4)


  • ...


  • I'm really tied up in translation, including translating Help docs and the Release Notes, so I haven't been able to contribute as I would like to. However, I'm active on the mailing list, and on this wiki.

I'm also involved in a manpage-translation pilot project, which is testing Yelp's capacity to display packaged translated manpages. It's a start. :)



  • Gossip documentation
  • XChat-GNOME documentation - working on filing in the missing gaps.


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