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This section is where we keep a list of all the tasks that are available for people to work on. Join in! We have a few categories for you to choose from:

Is there anything I should read first?

Oh my, yes. Here's some pretty essential background reading for you:

How do I get started on a task?

  1. Find a task that you're interested in from one of the task pages, above.
  2. If the task is in progress, email the Contact to ask how you can help out.

  3. If the task is available, follow the instructions on getting started.
  4. When you start a task, edit the wiki page and add yourself under People.

  5. From there, get in touch with us whenever you like and we can discuss the task.

Can you keep me updated on available tasks?

You can subscribe to the task pages on the wiki, to the mailing list and follow the account gnome-user-docs-maint@gnome.bugs on Bugzilla.

I have a task that I want to add to the list

Get in touch with the Doc Team and we can add it for you. Add it yourself if you like, but please make sure you put it in the correct category and use the correct formatting... otherwise you'll make PhilBull a sad panda.

I have a question, or I need help with a task

There are lots of ways you can get in touch with us:

We're very friendly! No matter what your question is, we'll do our best to help.


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