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Desktop Help Tasks

This page holds a list of tasks to do with the desktop help. This is the set of help files which are relevant to the GNOME desktop as a whole. For more information about getting involved, see here.

Resources and References

Tasks for 3.14

Tasks are listed in order of priority.

Status menu

The status menu has had a whole bunch of stuff added to it for 3.12, such as bluetooth and location. This may change between the UI freeze and the release.


Other small tasks

Outdated pages

Check instructions

To update list, run 'yelp-check status --only outdated gnome-help/C/*.page'

Review -> Candidate/Outdated

Check language and instructions. Sometimes, 'review' pages need more content.

To update list, run 'yelp-check status --only review gnome-help/C/*.page'

Topics needed



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