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Desktop Help Tasks

This page holds a list of tasks to do with the desktop help. This is the set of help files which are relevant to the GNOME desktop as a whole. For more information about getting involved, see here.

Resources and References

Tasks for 3.14

Tasks are listed in order of priority.

Status menu

The status menu has had a whole bunch of stuff added to it for 3.12, such as bluetooth and location. This may change between the UI freeze and the release.


Other small tasks

  • Review all net-* pages, these are very popular
  • Document search providers
  • Document what a home directory is, and replace references to <file>Home</file witha link to it

  • Document how to remove a saved fingerprint (session-fingerprint)
  • Add privacy-location and document turning off geolocation (Geoclue)

Outdated pages

Check instructions

To update list, run 'yelp-check status --only outdated gnome-help/C/*.page'

Review -> Candidate/Outdated

Check language and instructions. Sometimes, 'review' pages need more content.

To update list, run 'yelp-check status --only review gnome-help/C/*.page'

Topics needed


  • Research this bug. Either write up the process of installing the fonts using nautilus and attach a patch to the bug, or state on the bug what the situation is if it is no longer possible to do this.


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