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Could be useful to check out also Banshee planning, we might want to have common topics.

Rhythmbox Help


  • Introduction to Rhythmbox


  • Importing/Copying music from a CD
    • Importing music from a folder
  • Searching music
  • Listening to podcasts
    • Searching for podcasts to listen to
  • Listening to Internet radio
    • Common problems here: codecs?
  • Burning my music
  • Editing music information
    • Tag editing

Portable Players

  • Syncing my music with my portable player
  • Portable player support
    • iPod
    • MPT

Sharing Music

  • DAAP - Sharing music via a local network
    • What is it?
    • Check maybe how Apple calls it, DAAP is not very understandable

Music Shops

  • Buy music
    • Magnatune
    • Jamendo
    • Distro can add their shop

Additional Components

  • Plugins:
    • Lyrics
    • Cover Art
    • Remote controller LIRC
    • The other plugins
  • Playlist
    • Automatic playlist
    • Playlist format supported


  • Codecs
  • My music is not playing, what can I do?
  • Rhythmbox complains that some files are missing? What is wrong? Why did it happen?
  • Cheatsheet
    • All the shortcuts
    • Interesting to have a "printable" version for this page, users can print it to have it always at hand...
  • Burning music files to a CD
    • Direct them to the Gnome disk-burning app as appropriate

Brainstorm here...

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