Podcasting is a new way to broadcast media content over the web; when an author publishes an episode, podcast suscribers are informed, through an XML feed. (Copied from Rhythmbox Docs & edited slightly - is it too technical? XML?)

Banshee allows you to subscribe to a feed so that when a new episode is published, you are notified and it downloads automatically.

Tip: You can only subscribe to Podcasts when the Podcast Extension is enabled (it is by default). See Extensions

To go into Podcast view, click on Podcasts in the sidebar.

Subscribing to a Podcast

To subscribe to a new podcast, go into Podcast view by clicking on Podcasts in the sidebar. There are 2 ways to subscribe to a new podcast:

  • Click on Subscribe to Podcast.

  • Choose Media > Subscribe to Podcast...

In the Subscribe dialog, you must enter the URL of the podcast feed. You can also select which episodes you want to be downloaded when new episodes are available. To finish subscribing, click on Subscribe.

Unsubscribing to a Podcast

Caution: This will delete all downloaded episodes of the podcast.

In Podcast view, right-click on the podcast in the browser. In the menu, click on Unsubscribe and Delete

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