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2010-12 Team Meetings

Meetings will be held on IRC on the #docs channel on See the contact page for more information about joining us on IRC.

2010-12-19 (17:00 UTC) Agenda and Minutes


  • Accessibility help
  • Developer demos
  • Platform overview


  • Nightly library builds for gnome-help would be nice (no action)
  • mimico has list of apps she thinks need Mallard help
  • gnome-help has lots of stubs, needs cleanup to tasks can be dished out
  • We still don't have live images of GNOME 3 (no action)
  • We need a brief overview of the shell
    • ACTION: philbull to stub it in gnome-help
  • Evolution Mallard help is coming along nicely, keep an eye on it
  • philbull did basic stubbing for Platform Overview
    • ACTION: shaunm to take over
  • Good reactions to developer demos, need to keep the excitement up

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