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2009-11-08 Team Meeting

We will hold a team meeting on Sunday, 2009-11-08 at 18:00 UTC (See local time). The meeting will be held on IRC on the #docs channel on See the contact page for more information about joining us on IRC.

Potential topics:

  • GNOME Docs team work planning

Meeting Minutes

  • Team is still waiting for word from the release team if 2.30 is 3.0
  • 2.30 feature freeze is Jan 25
  • Review applications that need updates
    • Would be a good team building exercise to tackle smaller documents to learn Mallard and writing in topic based help
    • Shaun recommended gnome-games, character map, calculator, etc
    • Tetravex has been started by Mario and would be a good candidate (easy and short)
  • GNOME Games documents / planning
    • Accessibility documentation should be built in to each application's help
    • Gameplay (Introduction)
    • Basic Gameplay and winning scenario
    • Strategy
    • Multiple pages if necessary
    • Multiplayer
    • Tips and Tricks
  • Accessibility notes:
    • We will write to the accessibility mailing list asking for their advice
    • If there are information worth describing, we'll add them
  • GNOME User Guide / Desktop Help
    • Milo is thinking about starting GNOME Shell help soon
    • Milo to put together a user survey regarding current Desktop Help
    • Recruitment
    • With the upcoming work on smaller documents, now is a great time to look for and work with new volunteers using Mallard
    • Need team to blog about the Docs team and the work being done

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