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2009-10-04 Team Meeting

We will hold a team meeting on Sunday, 2009-10-04 at 17:00 UTC. (See local time.) The meeting will be held on IRC on the #docs channel on See the contact page for more information about joining us on IRC.

Potential topics:

  • GNOME 3.0 next steps (GNOME User Guide, Accessibility Guide)
  • Other documents to be potentially ported to Mallard during the 2.30 cycle
  • Mallard updates
  • Boston Summit hacking

Meeting Minutes

Docs Meeting Minutes 04OCT09

  1. Phil to email Shaun and the mailing list regarding feedback that Mallard is too tied to Yelp as a help browser and other projects were reluctant to use Mallard
    • Shaun working on libyelp, a library that can be used to create a help browser for other desktop environments
    • Work is being done in the yelp-3-0 branch in the Yelp repository in GNOME git
    • Need to build a community around Mallard that makes it easier for all to use it, not just GNOME
  2. is now up and running using Drupal as a CMS. Team to discuss ideas of what content to host on the website.

    • Repository of customizations and extensions for Mallard
    • Explain what Mallard is
    • Example documentation such as Phil's mouse docs
    • DTD
  3. How can downstream distributions override a topic in a help file?
    • Shaun dicussed 3 options:
      • patch it
      • we get conditional processing, and we have the distro versions all in the upstream topic
      • put the distro version somewhere higher in the help path
      • Recommendation is #3 with path based solutions
  4. Shaun to meet with Willie Walker at the Boston Summit to discuss a11y documentation

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