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2009-08-23 Mallard Review Meeting

We will hold a Mallard review meeting on Sunday, 2009-08-23 at 17:00 UTC. (See local time.) This is a special meeting to review the content model of the new Mallard documentation format.

The meeting will be held on IRC on the #docs channel on See the contact page for more information about joining us on IRC.


The Mallard specification will be declared 1.0 in approximately six months. At that time, we will no longer be able to make backwards-incompatible changes without bumping the major version number. With GNOME 2.28, we will ship the Empathy help as a Mallard document. Although Mallard will not yet be stable, after this document is published, we will be very hesitant to make backwards-incompatible changes, particularly those that affect the Empathy help.

We would like to invite everybody interested in Mallard to review the specification and join us in this review session. You can read the current Mallard specification online. If you cannot attend the meeting, but would still like to provide input, please send an email to the mailing list.

Please bear in mind that we are reviewing the content model, not the text of the specification. There are parts of the specification text that are known to be incomplete. If you have feedback on the specification text, we would like to hear it. But since we have limited time for the meeting, we ask that you send this to the mailing list.


Results of the meeting were posted to the mailing list.

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