Documentation Team Meeting Agenda June 28th, 2009 21:00 UTC / 16:00 EST


  • WOSCON Recap
  • Team structure
  • Team meeting / Q&A Meeting Overview

  • Wiki revamp
  • GNOME 2.28 / 3.0 Goals for the Docs Team
    • gnome-doc-utils and Yelp development needs for 2.28
      • Build tools
      • Localization / xml2po
    • Empathy documentation in Mallard
    • GNOME User Guide
    • GNOME Accessibility Guide

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Phil Bull, Milo Casagrande, Paul Cutler, Bruno Lambert, Jim Campbell, dino, james_w, imp 25


Team Organization

  • Focus on 3 teams: Writers, Editors & Translators

  • Re-organizing wiki pages to reflect teams
    • Need to finish wiki re-org, especially tasks / to-do list
    • Milo has started to update the Translators pages, and recommends doc team members reach out to their local teams
  • Short discussion regarding translator challenges for documentation, and we want to encourage more documentation / translation teamwork and collaboration
  • Doc team is committed to regular monthly project meeting on the last Sunday of the month, and bi-weekly community / open Q&A sessions

  • Doc team also attended two distribution downstream meetings this month (Fedora & Ubuntu)

  • Launched new team blog at

Team Goals / Roadmap

  • GNOME 2.28
    • gnome-doc-utils 0.17.2 and Yelp 2.27.2 have been released, and include Project Mallard support
      • Project Mallard is a new XML schema for writing desktop documentation in GNOME, with a much easier syntax and dynamic page linking
    • Rarian / Scrollkeeper support is not included yet, and won't be until GNOME 3.0. Mallard documents will display fine in Yelp, but aren't listed in the categorical list of documents in GNOME Help (though applications calling Mallard Yelp documents work fine)
    • Localization
      • Shaun needs help with xml2po from Danilo or similar developer. XML to PO works with the default mode of xml2po, though it needs improvement. Placeholders are in place for all inline markup, which needs to be fixed. There are currently issues going from PO to XML.
      • Stylesheet localization: Needs to be completed, but Shaun is traveling and not available the next 3 weeks. Anyone with some XSLT familiarity could probably complete it fairly easily. (Search for FIXME: i18n)
  • GNOME Docs Team is hoping to complete Empathy docs in Mallard for 2.28 (Phil & Milo)

    • Topic based help
    • CC-SA 3.0 licensed (no more GFDL)
  • GNOME 3.0
    • Goal is to replace the GNOME User Guide and GNOME Accessibility Guide using Mallard and re-write from scratch
      • CC-BY 3.0 license
      • Topic based documentation


  • Shaun out of town for 3 weeks
  • Phil introduced new team members (Bruno, Oliver, mw crowley)
  • James to get Yelp and g-d-u in for Ubuntu
  • Paul to type up meeting minutes
  • Shaun would like any and all feedback about Mallard, good and bad
  • gnome-docs-log-28Jun09.txt

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