Documentation Team Meeting for 2008-02-03

We will have a Mallard planning meeting on Saturday, February 3rd, 2008. The meeting occurs at 16:00 UTC. That's 10:00 for Chicago people, and 17:00 for most of Europe. See this page for the exact time for your location. As usual, we'll meet in the #docs channel on

The goal of the meeting is to discuss how we're going to go forward with ProjectMallard. A rough agenda follows. Please feel free to add any items you want to discuss. Shaun will look over the list just prior to the meeting and lead the discussion accordingly.

  • Status of the Mallard specification, how to move forward.
    • A lot of Mallard is still in Shaun's head. It needs to be written down.
  • Status of FoieGras, who's working on it and what are the plans.

  • Suggestion of "project" files to list all pages.
    • This can help build tools.
    • Need to ensure it doesn't affect pluggability.
    • Some thought probably needs to go into the deployment side.


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