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See DocumentationProject/Contributing instead.

Join the GNOME Documentation Project

Joining the GNOME Documentation Project (GDP) will give you access to the resources used by our members on a day to day basis both for communicating and getting work done. There are many ways in which you can help the GDP, to find out more see our page on Contributing.

If you are serious about pitching in, join the team and start contributing today!. To get access to all the resources used by our members, simply follow these steps:

  1. Join our mailing list:
    You can subscribe to the gnome-doc-list on the gnome-doc-list info page. It would be a good idea to read the archives of recent discussions. Feel free to introduce yourself on the list and indicate what type of documentation you are interested in writing.

  2. Chat with us on IRC:
    You can find the GDP team at the #docs channel on Point your favorite IRC client there to meet other GDP Team members, find out more about the GDP, or just chat about GNOME documentation.

  3. Choose a project:
    There are many things to do in the GDP. The most common task is to write user documentation for a particular application (see step below). However, there are many other ways people can contribute to the GDP. We also need content editors, markup editors, indexers, glossary authors, testers, packagers (tgz, RPM, and deb), people to convert and markup non-DocBook docs, developers, help system designers, etc. Whatever your skill, we probably need it.

  4. Find a document to work on:
    Most GDP work is writing user documentation for Gnome applications and components. However, we also write developer documentation, too. DocumentationProject/Team is a list of who is working on what, and DocumentationProject/Tasks is a list of work we need help with.

  5. Take a look at our style guide:
    This is a fairly hefty document, so here are the highlights you need to get started:

    The GDP Handbook can also be of great value, but tends to be more out of date.

  6. Create a bugzilla account:
    This is essential, not only to report bugs and submit patches, but to see what needs doing. To recieve reports about bugs concerning the GDP, add gnome-user-docs-maint@gnome.bugs to the email addresses you watch (under Account -> Email Preferences). You may consult existing documentation bugs here.

  7. Create a wiki account:
    Armed with this you can correct and add content to these wiki pages.

  8. The more technically minded should read our Handbook:
    This document covers everything from installing documentation-related packages to use of DocBook markup and document templates to make getting started fast and simple. It is however rather out of date in places.


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