Gtkdoc uses:

  • gtkdoc-scan to parse source-code headers
  • gtkdoc-scangobj to compile a c application to introspect gtypes
  • gtkdoc-mkdb (-mktmpl) to parse docblobs from source code (c and h files)

It would be interesting to modify gtkdoc-scan+gtkdoc-scangobj to output the scan results in a gir like format and modify gtkdoc-mkdb to read only gir files. It would only scan sources if the gir files are the local minimal ones (need a way to mark them). This needs a few things:

local gir file generation

gtkdoc-scan and gtkdoc-scangobj need to output to the same file. One is perl the other is C. If this is getting too complicated we could also just keep reading the current files in gtkdoc-mkdb.

gtkdoc-mkdb gir support

gtkdoc-mkdb needs a switch to use the gir files (--use-gir=abc.gir, does it need to know path's of other gir files?). To read gir files we need an xml parser. So far we don't depend on external perl modules. Although we should be able to use "XML::Parser" as other parts in gnome infrastructure (intltool) require that already.

merge more info to doc-blobs

There is still information not in the docblobs, but in other files (and thus not picked up by gir-sanner):

  • the section mapping in xxx-sections.txt
  • the document structure in the main-sqml file

We should have more conventions + tags in gtkdoc to get rid of the section file and come up with an idea for the main-doc.

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