GDP Status Update - June 2009

June Accomplishments

  • Four team members attended WOSCON - write-up available on lgo and sent to travel-committee:

  • Took the opportunity to re-organize the team focusing on Writers, Editors and Translators
    • Wiki re-org in progress (major revamp of lgo front page to make it easier to find content and get involved. Need to finish Writer, Editor and Tasks pages)
      • Translator page started by Milo Casagrande
  • Committed to regular team meetings
  • Bugzilla cleanup, including reviewing over half of all bugs, closing a third of them, and a number of commits to improve the User Guide

GNOME 3.0 Goals & Progress

  • GNOME 2.28
    • Yelp 2.27.2 and gnome-docs-utils 0.17.2 released, including Project Mallard support (ShaunMcCance)

    • TODO: xml2po support and stylesheets (See June meeting minutes for details)
    • Write Empathy and Banshee documentation in Mallard as proof of concept (Empathy - Phil Bull & Milo Casagrande) (Banshee - Paul Cutler)

      • New license - CC-SA 3.0 (no more GFDL)
      • Use topic based help (instead of task based, which is what GNOME 2.2x currently has)
  • GNOME 3.0
    • Re-write GNOME User Guide and Accessibility guides in Mallard as topic based help
      • Change license to CC-SA 3.0
    • Write GNOME Shell and GNOME Zeitgeist help

July To-Do

  • ShaunMcCance on vacation for 3 weeks in June

  • Follow up with Danilo on help with xml2po (Shaun)
  • Review Empathy survey answers (Milo)
  • Finish wiki page revamp (Editors, Writers & Tasks - Paul & Phil)

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