Draft Events Code of Conduct

This draft Events Code of Conduct has been created by the Code of Conduct Working Group following a lengthy research and development process. If it is adopted, it will apply to all future GNOME events.

The working group is currently seeking feedback on the draft from the GNOME community. If you have comments on the draft, please send them to coc-working-group-list@gnome.org before January 1st 2018. The working group will take this feedback into account before sending the draft to the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors.

Events Code of Conduct Elements

The draft Events Code of Conduct consists of the following five elements:

  1. Standard events code of conduct

  2. Requirements for GNOME conferences

    • This details the steps that conference organisers ought to take, as well as modifications which need to be made to the Code of Conduct for larger events like conferences.
    • If the Events Code of Conduct comes into effect, this will be hosted at https://wiki.gnome.org/CodeOfConduct/Conferences.

  3. Requirements for hackfest organisers, which will be added to the new hackfests page.

  4. Photography policy

  5. The creation of a Code of Conduct Committee
  6. Incident response guidelines

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