This is a list of missing features, deficiencies or critical bugs we identified in our toolkit. Fixing or implementing items in this list will make it possible, or way easier, to write applications that match the GNOME 3 design and style.

Big/critical features

  • Grid View
    • replacement for GtkIconView using real widgets - basically EggListBox for a grid

    • support centering of the items in view
    • support an approach that looks good while resizing the window
    • support dynamically resizing items when the window changes size
    • EggWrapBox does pretty much all we want already wrt. the layout of objects -

    • we should move it to the egg-list-box submodule for now, so that people can easily use it
    • we should clean up its API, especially wrt. the align/expand flags, bring it up to date with GTK3's GtkAlign/hexpand/vexpand
    • we should make it so that the API of EggListBox and EggWrapBox are consistent

    • probably rename it to GtkFlowBox when it's merged in GTK

  • Notifications
  • Scene manager
    • every single app that switches between different views right now uses a tabless GtkNotebook. We need something that allows us to easily switch between different "pages", with nice transitions

    • the sizing behavior will need to be thought through a little; currently GtkNotebook reports the max width/height amongst all the children, the new stack widget should probably have this as a configurable behavior

    • it would be interesting in having a way to reference a scene/page by name, and being able to switch to it by calling its name. It would also probably help to integrate this into an UI builder app.
    • Alex interested in writing
  • Titlebars
    • applications should have a way to turn off window decorations on a specific toplevel and provide the titlebar itself there
    • that would hint the WM to use another style for its decorations, just a minimal frame with a shadow
    • we don’t need to block on CSD for this
    • Matthias has a GtkTitlebar prototype we should use:

  • Popovers

    • they have some menus semantic, but they are overlaid on the window
    • they keep a "window" grab, i.e. clicking anywhere in the window should dismiss it, but clicking on another window shouldn't
    • need implementation
  • Clutter + a11y integration
    • quite an important bug
    • we might be able to just have GtkClutterActor implement AtkContainer or something and things might just work

    • it needs figuring out but the number of people that has the right knowledge to try and do this is quite limited

Smaller/nice to have

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