The Overview of the Gnome Platform is the entry point into the world of Gnome development. It is getting a bit stale. Let's update it and make it kick ass!


Most of these items have come up during conversation between Tuğçe Şirin and FedericoMenaQuintero. They are based on the current online version of the document:

  • Add a glossary, or an on-hover definition of difficult terms (library names, objects, etc.)
  • Add links to translated versions of the document.
  • Check links to external sites.
  • Make block diagram of the Gnome platform (see the bottom of the GIO docs for an example).

  • Make the first paragraph of each section simpler, so that beginners know what is being talked about.
  • Put examples of real-world applications that use each module.
  • Mention jhbuild.
  • Mention man-pages.
  • Mention pkg-config.

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