Writing your first GNOME application

This tutorial will guide you through the basic steps involved in creating a GNOME application.

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Potential issues / Work to be done

  • Is Anjuta set up to handle JavaScript app development?

    • No idea. Maybe we'll change that. :) -- AllanDay

    • Anjuta already has some support for Javascript -- JuanjoMarin

  • Is Glade up to date with the latest GTK+ widgets, including the ones proposed to be added to the spec?
    • Not sure what spec you mean. GTK+ doesn't actually include everything you need to make a GNOME 3 application, though. The plan is to change that, of course. -- AllanDay

  • Would it be simpler to tell newbies to use gedit to start with instead of an IDE?
    • Probably. I think that's something I'd like to discuss with other members of the documentation team. -- AllanDay

    • Debugging gjs is really annoying in the terminal, we'd be limiting our audience if we asked people to do it that way, but it might be the best option right now. -- MegFord

  • How much work would be involved in getting Glade and Anjuta up to spec?
    • Again, I'm not sure what up to spec means. I suspect that we want a different app for editing. My view is that the main thing blocking Glade is GTK+. -- AllanDay

  • How useful is DevHelp currently to a JavaScript app developer? What "translations" would need to be added to help JavaScript devs make sense of it?

    • Right now, not much. Work is currently being done to generate JavaScript reference documentation. -- AllanDay

    • It's also important to have code samples in gjs in DevHelp, and those need to be written (can't be autogenerated) -- MegFord

  • What needs to be done to make the HIG into a useful resource which is up-to-date with current best practices
    • I need to finish writing it. :) -- AllanDay

  • We should have a section on Autotools -- MegFord

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