Sound Theme Selection

The Status:


The Problem:

Recently, Fedora Sounds SIG, -- a 'Special Interest Group' dedicated exclusively to making better sound themes for Fedora boxes using free software -- observed the following issues.

  1. The current UI allows for overriding "alert sound" only (see [a] above). By default, the alert sound is provided by the 'bell.oga' file in the freedesktop sound folder. That file is one out of many other sound files used by the system in accordance to the XDG sound specification which is the basis for the sound themes in Fedora and other distributions (see ( and There is presently no provision for overriding the entire Sound-theme (not to be confused for individual sounds), thus making any new sound-theme only accessible via dconf-editor/gconf-editor.

  2. The User is forced to achieve desired Sound changes with two distant UIs instead of one.

The Proposal:



  1. Cleaner UI. A combobox [a] appears neater
  2. The user achieves all system sound related changes on one UI. The 'Alert Sound' can be further adjusted by use of the 'Checkbox'. See [b]
  3. The Sound Tab [c] in the Sounds Settings gains a befitting significance

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