HeaderBar Layout & Style

A lot of apps have ported to HeaderBars for 3.10. They should look like this:

  • Vertical layout:
    • HeaderBars should be 47px tall (measured internally, without the border).

    • Buttons should be 35px high (the extra 1px height is to accommodate the 2px bottom border).
    • There should be 6px padding above buttons and 5px below.
  • Horizontal layout:
    • Square buttons should be 34px wide.
    • Close buttons should have 6px padding to the left and right.
    • Horizontal padding between elements should be 6px.

Apps that are using a HeaderBar widget should have all of this done for them by the theme. Some apps are adopting the same style without using a HeaderBar widget: these apps will have to handle the layout themselves.

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