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Referring to my mockup at GNOME's bug list, here is obviously a better place to spread the word on some File Chooser suggestions. The idea is to make the File Chooser workflow a bit more Nautilus-like while keeping it easy to use it with small screens (touch devices).

Current Issues

  • Nautilus's and File Chooser's design and usability currently differs
  • The File Chooser is missing basic file operations like copy/move/paste existing files/folders
  • Devices and standard folders are at the top. User's favourites (bookmarks) should better move up or being freely movable.
  • Vertical space is limited and scrolling will be almost necessary on devices wich have limited vertical space.

Proposal - Brain Storming


  • Sidebar sections don't need headers anymore:
    • standard section items (devices, favourites) get general known icons
  • User's favourite folders are within the top sections
  • The user browses directories is as easy as browsing the web
  • You exit the file chooser by pressing the top right 'x' button
    • align="middle"

Collapsing sections

  • Sections dynamically collapse (see animation) to section buttons if vertical space is limited
  • Clicking those section icons, at the bottom, slides in an greyish section box from down below
  • You can open/close sections by clicking them again
  • Section icons can be used at other locations (top?), depending on the current file chooser's layout mode (more on this later)
  • The user will become familiar with those icons and their meanings soon
  • Benefit: almost no scrolling needed with limited display sizes (touch devices)

Recent Files

  • Recent folders move to the top as an popup menu button
  • Because they are more related to folders they move next to the location bar
  • Pressing the "folder" icon - which is currently in the location bar - switches location bar mode (mouse/keyboard). [*1]


Watch out for the sidebar sections and their corresponding icons pop up at the bottom.

Animation of collapsing sections + recent folders popup

[*1] this is currently not shown in this proposal

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